FIO Bot based on dialogflow

What is FIO Bot and how do I benefit from it ?

Unlike bots so far which are based on rules, FIO Bot built on DialogFlow and complemented by our custom algorithms is highly trained and deep learning-based NLU system thus resulting in human-like conversations and task handling.


- Fully Managed/Automated: Automated FAQ Generation and Bot Training (from customers data - like menus, websites, liquor store listing… so minimal time investment to train your bot)
- Multi-Channel Omni Bot: One bot across voice, chat, phone, mobile apps & virtual assistants such as google home, telegrams/whatsapps, twitter, facebook messenger etc
- Complete Data Privacy & Security compliance.
- Smart Error Handling & model evolution - Learn from your own log
- Consolidated Sentiment Analysis Reporting (To get the health of your business from its interactions across channels)
- Enterprise Ready: A quick upgrade to sales & order tracking, ERP integration & RPA enablement

Success metrics





Dealing with unstructured input

Successfully answering queries without triggering Fallback Intents.

Engaging Conversational experience

Check the Session Flow and see where the users are exiting a chat (and whether they’re exiting the chat as intended.)

Understand what users mostly talk about

Through analysing sessions and interactions. Sentiment Analysis. Text Analysis (next steps).

Provide quick support to clients

Enabling ‘Community Support’ and monitoring the Forum.

Automating FAQ Generation

Decreases the number of intents created and handles static questions through Knowledge Base.

Decrease time taken to configure the Bot

Paraphrasing ‘Training phrases’ with ML Models. Compare manual time taken to write custom training phrases and ML Model’s automatically generated training phrases.

Able to handle small talk and tell jokes.

Check the feedback from users and their queries while interacting with the bot and see if it meets our needs.

Multi-Language Support

Train the bot in a language other than English and check if it’s up to the mark.